Using Upakka

How to get the most out of the Upakka platform! 🙌

You already know how to use your account to search, follow, and edit your profile, but there's alot more to Upakka!

Giving feedback

On every post and post page you will see a star and an X!

A star is an upvote/like and an x is a downvote or dislike!

Vote to help filter out the best products on Upakka!

Only down-vote if its for a good reason!

If the commenting feature is out on the website (Currently in development at the time of writing this)

Throw some honest words of encouragement down there and engage civilly and tell the Pakker how the product is!

Comments are one of the best ways to let a person know how the post is doing!

To give the ultimate feedback, BUY the product!!! 😋

Visiting the product pages outside of Upakka!

When you want to buy the product, simply click on the post page "check it out"

Before you throw any confidential info in the website, it's a good idea to make sure you trust it first!

Then feel free to purchase! Thank you for supporting the Pakkers!

Posting a product!

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