What's Upakka?

💖 You are our everything 😊 Welcome to beta!

Upakka is a platform for artisans to launch their newest products and receive feedback from the community!

Join the Pakk and give feedback by voting on your favorites!

If you want to offer your ultimate support just click through to buy!

There's a lot to unpakk, so we would love to take you on a tour below. (Eventually this will be a live website tour! TODO: Add that link)

🏗 Build the awesome.

Spend more time creating something great, not worrying about the nitty-gritty of getting your product to the front page! Here it's easy to show off your natural pizzazz because we make the social world and shopping become one.

🔍 Seek the awesome.

See what people are hyped up about, instantly find genuinely interesting and intriguing products. And while at it, you're supporting unique sellers in a whole new way.

📣 Share the awesome.

There's always enough to go around for everybody! Upakka is the place to post what's new in the online shopping world! Whether it be handmade or something really unique, slap it on here for the people who love it!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Pakk! 💘

If you wanna help support us or get a job, please contact us here.

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