Community guidelines

To foster an excellent community, its good to help layout some good things to take note of and practice when using Upakka!

Respecting privacy of others πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

We take privacy seriously. Please respect other peoples privacy.

Please do not share other peoples:

  • personal details

  • opinions

  • private content

  • photos of them or their content without consent

Be wholesome! πŸ€—

Show friendliness, concern, and respect for others while using the website.

When giving feedback to someones post or profile:

  • Did you read it right? Give another read through.

  • Don't know what it means? Nicely ask the person for more info.

  • Find something to connect over if possible. Show your human side! This inspires empathy and compassion.

When doing anything on the site remember that there's always someone at the other end of a screen.

  • Imagine reading your comment from someone after dealing with a tough day!

  • Staying in a chill mindset helps avoid improper action when angry!

When if a comment discussion is not going well.

  • Take a break. Taking a shower might also work wonders.

  • It’s not about t-posing to assert dominance 24/7. Discussions are a way for all sides to learn something new and cool.

  • Gracefully leave. If it simply is not working out, just leave while being respectful.

Should anything escalate into a very aggressive state:

Contact us immediately at this link and include your username and theirs!

We only will respond if you have a valid account! We will try to respond as fast as possible!

Don't spam posts of your entire catalog πŸ₯΅

This may be a feature later, but for right now its best to launch your newest builds and not your entire list of products! We'd recommend 10 max per day (we also limit this to prevent other spam).

Don't post nsfw posts!

This might be allowed sometime in the future but for the current moment do not post anything inappropriate or else you might be banned from the platform.

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