Beginning your journey

Start an amazing legacy in the handmade universe! 🌌

1. Create an account ✨

To get the most from Upakka, you need an account. Go get yourself one here! You may sign up with google or simply with email. If you choose email, we'll send an email over for you to verify your email. Once done move on to the next step!

2. Update your profile 🐱‍🏍

To show off some good vibes, you might want to take a few seconds to update your profile!

  • Make sure you're signed in!

  • Once signed in, go to the top right and click "my profile"

  • On your profile page click "edit profile" next to the profile icon!

  • On this page you can update your profile photo, bio, screen name, and username along with other account details!

  • Hit either "save" button

  • Done!

If you don't want to do this you can skip this step.

3. Searching for people and posts! 🔍

To find people to follow:

  • Type in the search bar and hit the enter

  • If you want to look for people hit "see more peeps!"

  • Click on the person you want to follow then hit follow on their page!

To find posts:

  • Type in the search bar and hit the enter

  • Simply scroll until you find something or someone cool!

  • Click on the post

4. Inviting friends and followers! 🖐

You'd make our day if you could throw our link to people who would love Upakka!

That way your friends and followers can stay up to date on the newest launches including yours in the handmade world!

5. Sharing posts on Snapchat and other platforms! 👻

  • Go to a post page

  • Make sure adblock is disabled to show our share buttons (it somehow is recognized as an ad when its not)

  • Click on the platform you wish to share it to on the right hand side or on mobile below the post

  • If your posting to snapchat either scan the popup or click open in snapchat to share the product photo!

  • Done!

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