What size Pakkers are allowed?


How do you make money? šŸ’°

  • Affiliate links when possible (more info below)

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How do I take down my posts? āŒ

As duplicated posts may result in issues with ranking, we are figuring out the best way for people to do such a thing. For a temporary solution: please email us from the email you signed up with and the username plus post link and title here!

This post is copyrighted/inappropriate!

If a post is truly copyright and is obvious, please shoot us an email from the email you used to create your account and the username and post link of the post you are talking about here!

If a post is like really inappropriate and goes against the post guidelines down below then email us here with the post link and from an email that has an account on Upakka.

My product was posted on Upakka and I want it taken down, how do I do that?

Please contact us here for more info and with the post link: External seller takedown request

We will try to respond quickly! You will need to prove that it is your content so be ready to do so!

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